Friday, January 2, 2009

Dreaming of... nose picking and "kum-fu??"

Last night Shabbar made a wonderful Leg-oh-lamb dinner while I cleaned the house-- we did this to host Shabbar's aunt's family and her sister's family. It was a wonderful night-- good food, great speaker (we listened to the Jaffari Islamic Center live) and great games afterwards.

But for whatever reason-- maybe the late night-- maybe the rich food... we all had vivid dreams last night.

Aaliyah has just begun to dream, or maybe to remember her dreams, or maybe is now able to articulate the dreams she has. At any rate she's had a few notable ones:

One night she walked into our room whimpering and telling me that there was a man trying to "bee-oom" her. ** Bee-oom-er is a gun. Bee-oom is the sound it makes when fired....**

Then a few nights ago, she woke up laughing out loud... so loud that she woke herself up! She told me that in her dream, Grandpa (my dad) was eating an apple and stuck his fingers into his nose in the process.... She thought that was SOO funny.

She's begun to dream that she's doing "Kum-fu" and can rescue animals like Diego (wonder if she's watching too much tv...) I love that she thinks she can do it all in these dreams. And they aren't all dreams of tending babies -- this little chicky is performing martial arts!

Me-- my dreams??? They are always taking place in houses. They are always very strange and surreal. I know-- for those dream analyzers out there-- I'm trying to solve problems...

But whatever I'm tryin to work out in my sub-conscious, I enjoy listening to Aaliyah's nighttime activites. Life with a three year old is a laugh a minute.

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