Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Feb. 7-13

Monday 2/7:  Lasagna

Tuesday 2/8:  Shrimp and string cheese

Wednesday 2/9:  Chicken curry with potatoes

Thursday 2/10:  Baba's choice... frozen pizza?

Friday 2/11:  Dinner at the Pirate's Princess Dance

Saturday 2/12:  Whatever we eat at my parents house

Sunday 2/13:  Leftovers


As of today I am 6 weeks and days pregnant.  I am surprised and thrilled and scared and already in love with this baby. 
I had a spotting issue last night (during the Superbowl) and have been worried since then and taking it easy and drinking lots of water.  Last night in the middle of  the night, I got up to change Babu's diaper and nearly fainted while doing so.  I don't know what that was about... but I do remember that fainting was how Shabbar's mom knew she was pregnant...  maybe that wasn't such a bad omen afterall.

Putting the sale of the house on hold until this baby comes.  Thinking of planting a garden this spring in our front yard which will put us here for at least another 2 growing seasons...  There are so many 'maybes' that just taking things one step at a time is what seems best right now.

We are so blessed with this pregnancy.  I am so happy to welcome a little baby into our fold!  I can't imagine a better brother or sister than Babu or Aapi...