Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today while Aaliyah napped, I flipped through a few shows on tv to settle into something while I knitted.

I found MTV.... and a show about love triangles.

This was disturbing-- a gal was "with" a guy, got pregnant and had an abortion. Then he went off with another gal and got her pregnant. Now he claims to love them both and wants a relationship with both girls. The pregnant chick is into it! The show was taken from the only seemingly normal girl in the group (the first girlfriend)... and as I understand, walked away from the love triangle.

Perspective. Just when I want to whine about my "baby issues" or not living in the house of my dreams or heck-- not getting to the YMCA that particular day-- I will try to think of this poor soul and what her gut must be going through in this situation. Then I will utter two prayers-- one of thanks that even in my "screwed-est up" days of college I did not feel so terrible about myself that I'd ever entertain such a situation and two-- that this young woman (Oh my goodness, I just typed the words "young woman"-- I'm officially old) gets it-- that happiness doesn't come from a man. *Said the happily married lady*

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