Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Much Information Alert!

I just had a doctor's appointment yesterday and here is what I know about Miracle Baby #3!

  • The baby probably weighs 7 lbs 10 oz as of yesterday.
  • The baby's heart rate was 146 yesterday... was in the 140's last week and was 130 the two visits before that.
  • I am 3 cm dilated!
  • I am 80% effaced
  • If I make it until Thursday next week (9/29/11) I am to report to the birth center at 8:00 am to get things going!!!  
I can't wait!!  I am so excited!  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Menu Plan Monday:

Cereal with Milk
Whole Wheat Toast with Cinnamon and Sugar
French Toast with Maple Brown Sugar Loaf
Eggs and Toast

Bento Style lunch (corned beef roll-ups, cheese curds, sliced red pepper, dried apple, pretzels)
Brown Bag Burritos
Frozen Pizza

Monday:  Leftovers (lamb curry and rice, buffalo chicken chili, shaved turkey sandwiches and cheese factory cheese)
Tuesday:  Chicken Ranch Pizza with Sundried Tomatoes and Steamed Broccoli
Wednesday:  Blackened Crab and Pasta with Asiago Cream Sauce (adapted from Happy Housewife)
Thursday:  Tuna Casserole and Roasted Acorn Squash
Friday:  Baba's Spicy Chicken Wings with Baked Potatoes
Saturday:  Broccoli Cheddar Soup with Homemade Bread (no bacon-- from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures)
Sunday:  Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup/ Fast Food Meal

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I am back on the Menu Planning on the blog... we'll see how long it lasts since Miracle Baby #3 is due any day!

Breakfast List:

Oatmeal and Cinnamon Toast
Cereal with Milk
Peanut Butter Toast

Lunch List:

Brown Bag Burritos (recipe from Amy's Finer Things)
Leftover Hot and Sour Soup
Cold Cut Sandwich with Dried Apple Chips
Bento Style:  Crackers, Cheese Cubes, Fruit Leather, Sliced Bell Pepper, Popcorn/Cookie

Monday:  Leftovers and/or Frozen Pizza (Mama is out to dinner with the girls)

Tuesday:  Burgers Corn and Baked Beans

Wednesday:  Walking Tacos

Thursday:  Uncle Davey's Special (shells and cheese made with mushroom soup and diced hot dogs) with Steamed Veggies from the Garden

Friday:  Chicken Wings and Baked Potatoes

Saturday:  Lamb Kabobs and Homemade Roti (recipe from Happy Housewife)

Sunday:  Buffalo Chicken Chili, Nachos and Apple Pie

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Foolery: Shopping with the Babu

This morning, Babu and I headed out to do a few errands.  It was a day I'd been worried he be pushed around in one cart after the next only to transfer to a stroller in other places.  So, I took special care to keep him walking wherever he could.

Enter store #2:  Groceries...  this shop has small kid-sized carts and although I had tried and failed miserably with Aapi and the cart when she was a toddler, I figured what better time to see how things go???  Afterall, he is a totally different kid from his big sister, and we only had 4 items to pick up!  What could go wrong?

Famous last words!

Babu handled the card like a champ as it turns out!  He would push it nicely, stopped when I told him, turned where/when I told him and felt so proud to put our 4 items inside.  He marveled at pictures on the food items down on his level... noticing for the first time: a  Tigoo (tiger) on a tea box,  cartoon pictures on greeting cards, an Oownie Banoon (Ernie balloon)  and his favorite of course-  Sweeeeee Torn (sweet corn)!

All was well with the world... so I decided to lengthen our stay and browse the store... (hmmm... what was I thinking?)  I of course ran into someone to chat with as per usual in our small town and even then Babu just did awesome!  Pushed the cart around me in a pretty safe size area to where I could get if need be!

Unfortunately, another shopper needed to pass by.  Babu with his cart had half my attention and my friend had the other half.  So, me in my full 36 week "she knows not how huge she really is" glory I swung around and stepped back....  and I... the Mama with nothing in her hands... Not the Babu with a kiddie cart full of corn, ice cream, mushrooms and tofu...

...Knocked over an entire cardboard endcap of plasticware, straws and paper plates.

"Uh oh Mama!  Biiiiig Mess!" said Babu.  Yes.  I thought.  Biiiiig Mess indeed!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's New Wednesday: Autumn Temperatures Outside = Crocheting

Every week I get a wonderful email from Lion's Brand Yarn (the Weekly Stitch:  )  filled with season appropriate yarn crafting ideas.  To date I have mostly enjoyed this site but only worked on a few projects.  This week I found a "throw" pattern which would teach me various forms of the Tunisian stitch.  Click HERE for the pattern.

This is the Youtube tutorial I used to learn the basic Tunisian stitch.  It came from Crochet Geek-- I find her lessons to be clear and slow enough for me to follow haha!

My goal is to get 8 squares done by next Wednesday and then I will post the next stitch.

Amendment:  After crocheting one square in Red Heart "Cherry Cola," using the basic Tunisian stitch, I've decided to only crochet 4 in this color and pattern.  They other patterns of this throw are too neat to pass up and the "cherry cola" color variation is cool but too dark for the direction I wanted to take this project.

So far I have 2 squares complete.  If things continue to go quickly I will post my second stitch before Wednesday!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Confession #1: I am not the parent I'd hoped I'd be...

I have a confession to make:

I do not consider myself to be an awesome parent.  And I definitely do not parent the way I thought I would before I actually had children.

I try to be a healthy mommy.  I try to be a listening mommy.  I try to be a present mommy.  I try to be a creative, laughing and cuddling mommy.

Lately I feel like a McDonald's drive thru mommy.  I feel like I am a mommy who only half listens to my kids and then murmurs... "hmmm?" making my kids repeat what they are saying/ asking a few times.  I feel like I am "in my head" too much.  Always thinking about things and not looking my children in the eye or staying in the moment long enough to register what they need or want from me.  I feel like I am a "no" mommy...  mommy can I watch tv?  No.  Can we play school and you're the teacher?  No.  Can Babu and I go play outside/ go to the park/ take a bike ride?  No. No. No.  I am failing at being a "yes" mommy.

I could excuse myself by saying:  I am 36 weeks pregnant.  My legs are swollen, I can't bend down, I can't pick up, I am tired...
I could excuse myself by saying:  I am trying to process all these apples... or peppers... or tomatoes... etc. from the garden.
I could just own up to it.  I don't play with my kids like I should.  I don't interact with them the way I wish I did.  I can get a few good days together and then I'm exhausted by everything and I fall back on passive parenting.  I am just not the parent I pictured myself to be.  I am sad about this.