Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today while Aaliyah napped, I flipped through a few shows on tv to settle into something while I knitted.

I found MTV.... and a show about love triangles.

This was disturbing-- a gal was "with" a guy, got pregnant and had an abortion. Then he went off with another gal and got her pregnant. Now he claims to love them both and wants a relationship with both girls. The pregnant chick is into it! The show was taken from the only seemingly normal girl in the group (the first girlfriend)... and as I understand, walked away from the love triangle.

Perspective. Just when I want to whine about my "baby issues" or not living in the house of my dreams or heck-- not getting to the YMCA that particular day-- I will try to think of this poor soul and what her gut must be going through in this situation. Then I will utter two prayers-- one of thanks that even in my "screwed-est up" days of college I did not feel so terrible about myself that I'd ever entertain such a situation and two-- that this young woman (Oh my goodness, I just typed the words "young woman"-- I'm officially old) gets it-- that happiness doesn't come from a man. *Said the happily married lady*

Monday, December 29, 2008

Who am I? What is this??

Life at my house is good. Sometimes wonderful. Sometimes grab your belly- laugh out loud funny and hey, some days I try to just not let the day suck rocks. I guess this makes me average!

I'm in my 30's. I'm a mother-of-one-- a 3 year old beauty. I am Muslim. I am an American. I stay home to raise my child. I try to cook meals every night-- but Saturday I had pizza for both Lunch and Dinner (and no one complained.) I used to like to write, right now I'm feeling bogged down by it all. I have one million STUPENDOUS ideas how I'm going to make a million bucks.

I'm just like you...

This is my place.... to post ideas...to share my life... to tell my stories... to find the good in every day... to make my lemonade in life.