Thursday, November 18, 2010

Date a Cougar??? ..... Really?...

So there I was, minding my own business and enjoying my free two weeks of Sirius Satellite Radio and happened upon the "Date a Cougar" dating site commercial...


So, now Match and E-Harmony and Indian Matrimonial... none of these are enough? We need a site that makes a Cougar available to the general date-able populous?

Interesting... very interesting.

And What exactly makes one a Cougar anyhow?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Out East?

Last week, Aaliyah decided it was time to crank out the old "Dear Santa" letter. This was Aaliyah's explanation to Ilyaas and Grandpa Dan on how Santa gets the letters from kids:

Aaliyah: So, kids write the letters to Santa and we put Santa Claus and North Pole on the envelope, and then we let the birdies take it!
The Birdies take the letters in their beaks and fly it way high up in the sky and give the letters to Allah...
Then, Allah gives the letters to Santa!

Grandpa: What kinds of birdies take the letters?

Aaliyah: Ummm... eagles and owls and chickens and every kind of bird.

Grandpa: Turkeys?

Aaliyah: Yes. Every kind of bird.

Grandpa: Sparrows?

Aaliyah: Yes Grampy! Every kind of bird.

Grandpa: Great Blue Herons?

Aaliyah: Grampy! I said, EVERY kind of bird.

Grandpa: Okay, so Allah gets the letters from ALL kinds of birds and then He gives them to Santa?

Aaliyah: Yes. The North Pole.

Grandpa: Which direction does Allah need to go to get to the North Pole?

Aaliyah: Ahhh... Nnnnnortthhhh... You tried to trick my Grampy!

Grandpa: Hahaha! Yes, I tried to trick you! So, where does Allah live?

Aaliyah: ...

Grandpa: Do you know where Allah lives?

Aaliyah: ummm...

Grandpa: Does He live in...

Aaliyah: I think he lives... out East???


Hmm.... not exactly where I would have guessed!