Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's New Wednesday: Autumn Temperatures Outside = Crocheting

Every week I get a wonderful email from Lion's Brand Yarn (the Weekly Stitch:  )  filled with season appropriate yarn crafting ideas.  To date I have mostly enjoyed this site but only worked on a few projects.  This week I found a "throw" pattern which would teach me various forms of the Tunisian stitch.  Click HERE for the pattern.

This is the Youtube tutorial I used to learn the basic Tunisian stitch.  It came from Crochet Geek-- I find her lessons to be clear and slow enough for me to follow haha!

My goal is to get 8 squares done by next Wednesday and then I will post the next stitch.

Amendment:  After crocheting one square in Red Heart "Cherry Cola," using the basic Tunisian stitch, I've decided to only crochet 4 in this color and pattern.  They other patterns of this throw are too neat to pass up and the "cherry cola" color variation is cool but too dark for the direction I wanted to take this project.

So far I have 2 squares complete.  If things continue to go quickly I will post my second stitch before Wednesday!!

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  1. OOOH!! Cool!! I want to get connected to that site, too! I didn't know you were a crocheter! (Is that how you spell that?) I might need to come over for a lesson!! :)