Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Foolery: Shopping with the Babu

This morning, Babu and I headed out to do a few errands.  It was a day I'd been worried he be pushed around in one cart after the next only to transfer to a stroller in other places.  So, I took special care to keep him walking wherever he could.

Enter store #2:  Groceries...  this shop has small kid-sized carts and although I had tried and failed miserably with Aapi and the cart when she was a toddler, I figured what better time to see how things go???  Afterall, he is a totally different kid from his big sister, and we only had 4 items to pick up!  What could go wrong?

Famous last words!

Babu handled the card like a champ as it turns out!  He would push it nicely, stopped when I told him, turned where/when I told him and felt so proud to put our 4 items inside.  He marveled at pictures on the food items down on his level... noticing for the first time: a  Tigoo (tiger) on a tea box,  cartoon pictures on greeting cards, an Oownie Banoon (Ernie balloon)  and his favorite of course-  Sweeeeee Torn (sweet corn)!

All was well with the world... so I decided to lengthen our stay and browse the store... (hmmm... what was I thinking?)  I of course ran into someone to chat with as per usual in our small town and even then Babu just did awesome!  Pushed the cart around me in a pretty safe size area to where I could get if need be!

Unfortunately, another shopper needed to pass by.  Babu with his cart had half my attention and my friend had the other half.  So, me in my full 36 week "she knows not how huge she really is" glory I swung around and stepped back....  and I... the Mama with nothing in her hands... Not the Babu with a kiddie cart full of corn, ice cream, mushrooms and tofu...

...Knocked over an entire cardboard endcap of plasticware, straws and paper plates.

"Uh oh Mama!  Biiiiig Mess!" said Babu.  Yes.  I thought.  Biiiiig Mess indeed!

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