Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's up with the last 6 months???

Hi World,

Why have I fallen off the face of the earth? Two reasons... 1)it's something I do at times in my life and 2) I'm pregnant and didn't know what to put in the blog-- to tell, not to tell, to obsess, not to obsess too much... the excuses go on and on... so, here is a status style listing of what life has been like since April or so... I promise to try to do this better in the future! :) Best if read from the bottom if a stickler for chronology...

September 2009:

  • I don't know about the other mom's whose kids have gone off to school, but I have not layed on the couch and eaten ONE bon bon yet! What's up with that???

  • so far so good...

  • any other moms out there following the bus to school tomorrow? Am I excited and concerned or neurotic and micromanaging things? The truth... even if it hurts :l

August 2009:

  • What did I do this weekend? Aaliyah's room is "big-girl-ified" and baby's room is still a catastrophic mess... getting anxious.

  • Gross gestational diabetes test at Marshfield Clinic today-- take two! And a re-check on my travel restriction... only 9 weeks left!

  • Aaliyah was a ROCK star at the dentist and the doctor today-- even through the 4 shots she received... and is now the proud owner of a Glow-Doodle. Yay for my big girl!!!!

  • Aaliyah and Alicia have colds... but not of the swine persuasion... guess it's best to get it over with before school starts.

  • Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

  • Let the "nesting" begin!

  • is almost back from vacation-- almost back to real life... sigh

  • is vacationing!

  • can't wait to EAT her way through the State Fair on Thursday! Cream Puffs, Corn on the Cob, baked potato and flavored milk, here I come...

July 2009:

  • ahhh... camp is behind me. vacation is looming-- let the summer begin!

  • hi ho, hi ho... its off to work I go! Meetings and budgets today--almost like a real working girl, how'd that happen?

  • Baby looked great! Yay and alhamdullilah! Glucose test will have to be re-done, Marshfield "lost track" of me and let too much time elapse before I could get poked... oh well, guess I can look forward to the grody orange drink again next mo

  • duas, prayers, crossed fingers... whatever you've got... our 3rd of 4 ultrasounds and diabetes test is tomorrow noon.

  • belly is just a kickin' away-- never a dull moment with this little one! I finally get the whole, "there's the foot, there's the butt" thing..

  • Camp is half over! Cheer or sigh?-- I know which one I'm doing.... but the kids, counselors and teachers may be feeling differently.

  • just got back from the most enjoyable family reunion I've ever been to... Shabbar had a great time too! SO glad I went-- what a fun weekend!

  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! 32 is pretty great so far-- GASP, am I really that old?

  • two people told me to take a nap today... think I'm looking tired? I took the hint-- went to be at 7 pm tonight!

  • One more day-- can you handle the excitement??? Camp WILL happen, can't stop a train :)

  • 4 days and counting...and still SO much to do

  • is home and working her tail off...

  • is enjoying the Chicago wedding and the visit with her Razvi relation. These folks know how to have fun!

  • shouldn't be wasting time on facebook today-- or any day for the next weeks for that matter... darn you facebook and all your fun status updates, quizzes, chats....

June 2009:

  • It's 4:13, been up since 3:11... dum de dumde dumb hormones!

  • Ahhh.....heat you've finally come back to wisconsin. Just in time to turn on the air conditioner :)

  • Are pigs flying? Has Hell frozen over? My brother has joined facebook... will wonders never cease?

  • wonders if two goof ball quizzes a day is too much? I'm not so hot on the "how well do you know..." ones though.

  • AHHH..... I love early bed times! For Aaliyah and for me!

  • three days of rain on the horizon? Say it ain't so!

  • Had a really nice long weekend!! and doesn't want to get back into the swing just yet. Sigh.

  • Loves it when the baby kicks! Loves it!!

  • is contemplating coffee. If I grind the beans it'll wake people up, but... hmmmmm coffee.... maybe I'll take the chance.

  • loves Loves LOVES this weather! And thinks.... hmmmm. Maybe a walk to Politos for dinner...

May 2009:

  • probably looked like one of those cheesey granny cut-outs in the garden today, bent at the waist, digging in plant after plant...charming!

  • got to dig in the dirt today-- yay spring!

  • have you ever had one of those days where nothing you eat is actually what you were craving? Argghh.

  • is annoyed that she needs to move her car every two hours....

  • slept GREAT! Wedged between three pillows and sleeping on her side.... not bad for the old pregnant lady!

  • Day 3 and ALL is WELL! Whee Hew!

  • is excited about the next 10 days!

  • is diggin' the sound of the rain-- and my plants are liking it too!

  • is tired but content...

  • found 9 baby bunnies in her garden yesterday...

  • has been waking up at 5:00 am the past few days....what's up with that???

  • can do anything with maple syrup and agave nectar!

  • so many things... so little time! But, can't wait for plant sales tomorrow!

  • says, "Favre in PURPLE?" I give up, I'm SO done with him!

  • work work work-- its a big week for camp!

April 2009:

  • just got back from driving to Zubumafu and back.... whew!

  • loves Madison... and Earth Day was a great day to be here.

  • is alternately cleaning the house and weighing in on trivia-- not bad for a cold Sunday afternoon.

  • is trivia-ing with Captain in an Ice Crisis.... and anxiously awaiting the return of her baby-girl.

  • loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and mi goreng-indonesian noodles

  • conqured the 7th and 8th graders at John Muir today and it was awesome! Makes me miss teaching very much...

  • realized that Middle Schoolers weren't as scary as orginally thought-- it was a great day!

  • is nervous about speaking at Horace Mann today-- eek! 7th and 8th graders scare me... a little....

  • misses Aaliyah-- but loving nightly dates with Shabbar!

Guess that's enough for enquiring minds! I do love the status update!

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