Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wanderings at 4:07 AM

I'm up. I can't sleep. I've been up for 2 hours now.
What's going on inside the hamster wheel?

How big is my baby right now? I've gained 20 lbs according to my last dr. visit... how much of this is baby? how much of this is all the food I've been loving.

How will I feel in the morning when Aaliyah is up and around? (I hope I won't be the grouchy mama everyone knows and loves.)

Swine flu.

How much can one baby move? My belly looks like it's been taken over by that thing in Alien!

Will I make it to my due date?

Will Shabbar and I decide on a boy name ever?

I need to clear the pictures off my other computer before we give it to my folks this weekend.
Why am I blogging, when I could be productive and doing that.
Should I go snuggle Aaliyah? I love that but don't want to take two steps backward with the whole, "sleeping on her own" big girl thing.
Why did I give ALL my preemie clothes away to Teddy and his wife? Now I have nothing to remember Aaliyah's first tiny days.
Why has getting together with friends gotten so hard?
I can't wait to get back to enjoying coffee.
How much diet soda and tuna sandwiches from subway have I had this pregnancy? And will this effect my baby?

Why has al-Qaida decided to wreck Islam for American Muslims? This is leftover resentment from 2001 + a new litany of code oranges of an impending new attack. Why can't we just live in peace?
How have I missed so many seasons of The Office all these years? Grey's isn't as good and Thursday abc has been lacking on the whole. Here's been this hilarious show that I've missed out on. Thank goodness for TBS!

When will I be able to overlook my problems with certain people and feel warmly towards them? For some it's been years and I still can't do it. For others I am so forgiving. Why is that?
Why am I so jealous that an old good friend of mine outspokenly thinks I am the least attractive member of my family?
How often do I put My foot in my mouth without realizing?

Of course I can... but I can't wait to meet this baby!

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