Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Been Busy Nesting

For whatever reason, with this pregnancy, I've decided to go crazy "providing" for my family and the next coming months. What have I been doing?

Freezer meals: Because I belong to a MOMS Club, I stand to receive meals once the baby arrives... BUT... this group has been through 2 miscarriages with me as well and they have provided meals and childcare for me both times. With this occasion, I have decided to wave meals... but I'm not dumb either. I KNOW... I remember that when a baby enters the world, pretty much everything else stops. SO... I picked up a recipe book at Barnes and Noble (Frozen Assets- Cook for a Day-- Eat for a Month by Deborah Taylor-Hough) and have gone through the Eggplant recipes so far.... they smelled good but I didn't taste. This provided 8 meals for our family of 3! Today I finish shopping for the Chicken, Beef and Ground Meat mini-sessions. Tonight Shabbar and I will do the prep and tomorrow I will cook all day. By the end, I should have 32 meals complete and stored in my basement freezer! Wish me luck that it all goes with the plan!

Sewing: I decided on a crib bumper that I loved at Target but didn't get it soon enough and the darn line went out of vogue.... story of my life! :) And so I took Aaliyah to JoAnn and we found material and stuff to MAKE a bumper for the baby. I cut and sewed the strips yesterday based on some directions I found on the internet-- very simple... Make a pattern out of computer paper and just tape the ends together to figure out how much material you need.... material-wise, I bought too much (surprise surprise) and should have enough to make a blanket when I'm done! Today I have to go back to Hancock and buy more batting (I used a crib sizebatting cut into 5 strips. This took care of about 1/2 of the bumper. I will need to buy two more today but should have enough left to make that blanket!) This was NOT a cost saving idea-- to be clear-- but I am making it-- and therefore am very proud of myself! Left to do? seam the sides, add the binding and ribbon to tie the bumper on... and of course now the blanket!

Going healthier and greener: We have decided to get the plastic out of our house (mostly) and one step we took was to switch to glass bottles for this baby. They are washed and ready to go. No plastic (bpa free or otherwise) will effect my little one...

Cloth diapers!!! I've been "approved" to spend about $400.00 on the purchase of 36 diapers for the baby. I am going with Bum Genius white, blue, green and yellow one size fits all pockets! I am so excited! I will however be the mom that brings the disposables with me when we venture out and about.

My only thought is this... what will happen to the projects I don't get done? And will I look back at this time of life and think I was absolutely crazy to go to all these preparations? Will I think I was suffering from type of survival psychosis? Or will I think-- wow, I was a pretty smart lady? Time will tell...

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