Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Been Busy Nesting Part Deux

Just a quick update... I should be sewing but my fingers hurt!

Well, the freezer meals are done. We prepped the night before as planned and I awoke and began cooking at 8 the next morning... A full day of cooking (excluding time to feed Aaliyah, get her ready, get her on the bus, take her off the bus etc.) and I truly came out with 32 meals bagged or plated and labeled in my freezer. All I have left to do is creat my list so I know what we've eaten and what is still left. That gives the family 40 meals in all for when the baby decides to appear! *For extra credit, I even provided dinner for the fam that evening-- beef roast with grape juice reduction, veggies and mashed potatoes!

As for the bumper... it is cut, batted, seamed, ribbons have been placed and now the binding is going on... S.L.O.W.L.Y... it is killing my fingers to get it on but the results are pretty! I'll post pictures of the freezer and the bumper when I get them all done.

Life continues to roll on although I do feel like I'm in uncharted territory-- I've never been more than 8 months pregnant before. The baby kicks and moves MUCH more than Aaliyah and at nearly 33 weeks I am JUST beginning to swell. If we make it to Saturday (yes, I am really taking things THAT day by day) we will actually make it to our lamaze class this pregnancy!

What do I have left to do:

  • finish bumper

  • sew up blanket

  • put final touches on nursery

  • pack hospital bag

  • start driving around with infant car seat in the back of the car

Oh, I'm sure there are 1 million more things but I'll keep it to five items today... We're getting there though and that is pretty gratifying!

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