Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday's Wandering: Not How I Expected Things to Go...

Today I thought I'd be writing about my Sunday morning walk with Aapi (big girl).. But today was worth a post.

This is how my day was going to go in my head:
Get up, Drive Aapi to school.
Go to the Y, Drop Babu (baby boy) off in childcare room.
Run a 5K
Shower, dress, pick Babu up and start shopping.
Hit all three stores, SAVE money, pay with cash.
Get home, eat steak lunch with Baba (sweet husband) while Babu sleeps.
Wake Babu, pick up Aapi and head home for dinner, tubby and stories.

Here is the reality of my wandering:
I was feelig especially proud of myself today because I had both babies dressed, school and y bags packed, and Aapi dropped off with enough time to play outside for a few minutes before school started.
So far so good.
Then Babu and I did make it to the y only to find the communicable disease report showing strep in the room. Uh oh, I think, maybe we shouldn't play today. Nah, I think... let's DO this! I drop Babu off, introduce him to the worker, mention that this is time number 2 for him and that he was a little sad last time. Then I leave.
I begin my run. 5 minutes of walking, then jogging at 6 miles an hour. 1.74 miles in, I am surprised to see the childcare worker in the fitness center. "He hasn't stopped crying." she says. Okay, I say, I'll go get him.
Dripping with sweat, I grab my stuff from the locker room, head to the baby room and pick up Babu. He is sobbing and staring out the window. :(
With no shower, I head home only to find him sleeping. But he wakes in transition to the crib and I go change. I proceed to attempt to get him to sleep for the next 3 hours (give or take.)

Baba comes home. Makes an awesome steak. We eat a plate of meat for lunch. Babu watches... doesn't like steak yet I guess.

babu falls asleep after Baba goes back to work. HAAA--LLLAAAY-LOOO-YAAAH!

Babu sleeps until it is time to pick up Aapi. I laid down at this point. Yes I know... I should have showered.

With shopping left to do, I pack up Babu, pick up Aapi and head to store number 1. Smooth. My original bill was $36.00 and I paid $11.00 due to deals and coupons. Stor number 2. Pretty smooth. My original bill was $50.00 and I paid $26.00 due to coupons and sales... but I bought more than as on my list. FATAL ERROR. Store number 3. Still pretty good considering I have two kids with me... save the end.
At check out... I think to myself... well, I bought more than I thought I would but couldn't pass the deals up. It will help in the long run. PLUS, I have my wallet. I can use my allowance to pay any leftover amount. Ultimately I spent $68.00 for a $100.00 bill. Awesome savings...but I was $9 DOLLARS SHORT. Okay I think... just pay with your personal cash....

Uh oh... where's my personal cash?

So, I realize then, that when I brought my y bag into the house, with it I brought my wallet. Hadn't missed it because I was using my cash envelope on the grocery trip.
Suspend Sale. Call Baba.
Baba brings money, I go in to pay.

Come out with most of my pride. But, I'm already out of cash for the week... and it' only Wednesday. Nice.

The rest of the night goes smoothly enough. But I'm perplexed. This cash only system is going to be a LOT tougher than I thought.

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