Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday's Wandering: Babu's First Time Sledding

What a WONDERFUL time.  We live around the corner from the best sledding hill in town... yet tonight was the  first sledding this season for me, and the first time in Babu's life!  Aapi, Babu and I went and took turns heading down the hill.  Babu is a natural!  He sits still the whole time, lets me just wipe his face at the bottom and then waits for his turn again. Aapi is an old pro.  She pushes herself down the hill, then carries her own sled back up all by herself.  What an awesome night!  We all three hit the hill a few times and of course had hot cocoa to sip on in the warming house.  I was sad that Baba missed out on the fun, but alas, his bowling night is a little bit sacred... and there will be other times. 

The kids got a couple hours of activity.  We all came home tired and happy.  The Babu fell asleep in my arms tonight and transitioned to crib so sweetly.  Aapi was asleep by the time I went to check on her.  I enjoyed a little ice cream and a tv show in my flannel jammies.  All in all a great night!

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