Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things that make me happy

1. Flowers-- especially in the house at this time of year
2. McDonald's coffee-- sz. Medium with 4 creams and xylitol
3. Road Trips without lots of grumbling
4. Sunshine
5. Naptime
6. Sunrises especially when I'm driving
7. Hot weather plus cool drinks
8. Date nights with Shabbar
9. Aaliyah's belly laughs
10. Coffee Clutching with my girlfriends
11. Reading
12. Breakfast at a restaurant
13. Weeding and watering plants early in the morning
14. Sitting on the dock with a fishing pole in my hand
15. Campfires
16. Shopping at goodwill or st. vincents
17. Walks in to town
18. Picking strawberries and putting them up for jam year round
19. Shopping at the farmers market
20. Biking the Green Circle

1 comment:

  1. YEAH!!!! Good list! I LOVE flowers in the house, too....I almost bought myself some today! :) I am also SO EXCITED to shop at the Farmers Market and be able to go for walks downtown...or anywhere for that matter! We NEED to have a coffee clutch one of these days here! I miss you!!!