Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo...Here we Go!

Blogging at least one post each day in November.  Can I do it?  A challenge!...  I love a challenge!  And a chance to impart some information on the "lucky lady" who happens to read my posts. ;)  I am FILLED with information to impart!  And prizes!!  ahh...  who am I kidding, I never win the prizes.   That's okay!  I'm in!  You had me at nablopomo!  

Some of the topics I hope to include this month:

Islamic Calendar of Auspicious Dates and links to frequently used sites for easy access

Menu Plan Monday

Review of the book The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (I am on page 365 of 562 right now.)

Reactions to life as I know it

My first attempts at providing tutorials on making certain dishes I enjoy (including family recipes as well as internet finds)

A (more) regular update on my crafting life....  not much to that I'm afraid

A riotous anecdote here and there about me getting back into to groove since baby number 3 has come on the scene.

....  can you dig it?  My life-- in a nutshell.

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