Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Snow!

Today has been a funny little day but on the whole a great first snow! One baby or another has been having hard nights with this cold that they've all got (including the biggest baby-- Baba!) so we've been playing musical beds at night have been rocking and cuddling several people at different times each night. Babu especially has been having a hard time. So after a rough night, we all woke up (a bit late) to snow!! Big sloppy flakes and about 4 inches accumulation! Aapi was super excited to see all the white stuff and set out to organize all the hats and mittens to get out the door in proper gear today. When I opened the garage today to get the snow scrapers out, I guess a squirrel got in-- and not only into the garage but into the attic above the house! As I dropped off Aapi, Baba and Babu heard the tell-tale scampering above their heads. Then although we made it out of the house without drama today, Aapi did forget her shoes, so I had to turn right around and drop those off. I had the weirdest feeling of happiness as I dropped off the shoes this morning. I am grateful that I can just hop in the car and drop something off so easily to her-- when I was little, my mom worked and because she was a teacher, she could never get away to do something like this. On the other hand, my dad could and often did. We were very lucky to have him. After dropping off the shoes... I got my requisite cup of coffee from McDonald's. And they gave me two today! What a great mistake! When I got home I spent much of the day doing essentially nothing. I investigated the sounds upstairs and playing around on the computer but mostly I just snuggled one baby and then snuggling another. It was a cuddly day all around

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