Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Better Muslim...

                                 We are trying to be better Muslims....

Here are the proposed changes:

Daily- Pray and Daily Duas
     Thursday-  Dua Khumail
     Friday-  Jummat Khutbah
Monthly-  View calendar and bring historic topics up at dinner time (Martyrdom, Birthdays and Marriages of auspicious people)
                Monthly visit to Chicago masjids
Occasional-  Extended visits during important times of the year (Moharram and Ramadan)

This week's Calendar:  Dhu l Qa'dah 25- Dhu al Hajjah 3 (Oct 23-Oct 31 2011)

10/23 (Dhu l Qa'dah 25)-  Wiladat Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Isa
10/27 (Dhu l Qa'dah 29)-  Martyrdom of Imam Mohammad Taqi
10/29 (Dhu al Hajjah 1)-  Wedding:  Imam Ali to Bibi Fatima Zehra
10/31 (Dhu al Hajjah 3)-  Allah accepted Hazrat Adam's dua (God Always Answers Prayers)


  1. What a great idea! Every family and individual should set these goals for themselves :) Print it out and put it up where you will see it every day to remind yourselves!! Or print out the rewards and implications for missing/observing salah and put it on the fridge to always remind yourselves of why it's important :)

    ps- who is the cutie patootie in the pic? ;) masha'Allah.

  2. Thank you! :) This was just something I thought would help our family bring more religion to the dinner table each night and make things like Dua Khumail easy to access. And MashAllah, so far it has worked! We can look at the blog each day to see what is coming up and use the links to read about the prophets and imams as they approach.
    p.s. The cutie is my daughter Aaliyah (this was a day at school last year when she just felt like wearing the hijab...)
    p.p.s. Love your blogs! I have really enjoyed reading through and looking at things from your perspective. We have much in common based on what I see. It is so nice to know another like minded person is out there :D